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Fourmost is passionate about new product development from conception to product commercialization. Our goal is to save you money and optimize your system performance. You decide what you need from us and we will respond with answers.

transorb mwd pigtail

Custom Cable Production

Whether your project is a discrete component or an entire assembly, Fourmost can help you cross the finish line. We have many years of experience assembling high-quality custom cable solutions. For example, we assemble Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) pigtails that are built to perform reliably in hostile downhole conditions up to 200 degrees Celsius. Working with you in thorough specification we will manufacture each cable to your design requirements using components typically sourced from North America or Europe. We will partner with you to ensure that our end product meets your needs.

Reliability Engineering

Fourmost conducts reliability reviews of MWD equipment performance. We analyze the assembly and component performance in conjunction with reviewing maintenance procedures, personnel training, and test equipment. Following this procedure, Fourmost can assist you in identifying opportunities to improve system performance. We document and present findings in a formal report upon the conclusion of each review.

Expert Witness Program

Fourmost also offers expert witness services. We can assist in data analysis and compilation related to the reliability and safety of third-party equipment performance. Our personnel have been involved in client cases in various locations providing analytical and professional services related to MWD technology.

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